We turn inspired visions into real functioning Dental websites

Here’s how we dial into proper web development

Depending on client needs, we setup proper web development serving proper functionality & purpose.

Prior to development, our developers review the full page desktop & mobile design mockups created by our designers. This review steps ensures that all the design intentions & functionality needs are understood.

Our designers and developers stay in constant collaboration discussing client specs such as visual layout, graphics, elements, and more. The mockup allows a glimpse of all the elements coming together in the final product and clarifies placement, navigation, and page flows.

This phase involves gathering as much information as possible about the project. Although it seems like a web developer needs to simply develop, its far from the truth. Web developers must plan the proper steps that will go into the development process. After strategy completion, a web development route is finalized to begin.

This phase is where our developers begin custom web development on the website. Our development practices avoid using themes which can be bloated with elements, cause future issues, and perform slowly.

Our web development practices involves building web projects with scratch. We ensure that we build our projects with high quality code that also makes future edits easy to complete. Our sites prioritize on speed and functionality from the start.

Usability testing involves evaluating the product by testing it with representative users. Here is where we can ensure that participants are able to complete specified tasks successfully. We also identity how long it takes to complete a specified task.

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Once the steps above area completed, the website project is sent to clients for review and approval. The client is able to review the website on a private IP address, and ensure all the proper content & functionality is in order

Our team begins to make any edits as needed and setup launch after. We schedule going live times late at night, in order to avoid business hours, and complete a final audit.

1/5  Review Design Mockups
2/5  Strategy & Planning
3/5  Custom Development
4/5  User Testing
5/5  Launch & Go Live

Our job is to build the perfect online presence experience for patients

  • The project should be usable, logical, and easy to follow
  • Promotes collaboration between teams
  • Reduces risk of rework
  • Identifies proper flow and purpose
  • Ensures project objectives are being met

Investing in a website serves many key benefits including

UI Design may be visually beautiful, but it might be messy and confusing to navigate without proper UX strategy. The reverse is also true where user flow can be good, but visually it’s not appealing.

  • Cost Savings from Better User Flow
  • Increase Online Conversions
  • Help your Paid Advertising & SEO perform better
  • Save Time by Enabling Website Processes
  • Tax Deduct Website Expenses

Technologies we use