We help dental practices produce ridiculous ROI via Paid Ads

Don’t waste time and money on faulty & ineffective ad campaigns. We ensure your ad-budget is being allocated properly to scale and blow up your conversions.

Our Bullet Proof Paid Ads Process

Paid Ads allow your practice to get immediate traction in the face of your potential customers. They are an important strategy of digital marketing in today’s time, allowing us to deliver results with speed.

The foundation to any well managed Paid Ads strategy is keyword research. This involves choosing the best keywords to bid on that will likely result in click and conversions. Our initial starting point involves us brainstorming a PPC keyword list that targeted audience may be searching for. Keywords are typically organized by brand terms, generic terms, related terms, and competitor terms

We expand and refine our keyword list with research tools. Some of the popular tools include Google’s Keyword Planner and Wordstream’s free Keyword Suggestion Tool. By viewing search volume, we can target proper keywords that could help us achieve conversion goals.

Ad creation is the next process of our paid ads strategy, which involves properly tailored copywriting for our targeted audience. Ad creation takes many things into account such as identifying our target customers, conducting market research, select ad type, and crafting a proper message.

Ads are intended to be kept simple, appeal to niches, and creating audience movement. They must include Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons to direct our audience into the action we want them to complete.

Conversion tracking allows you to see how effective your ads are. They give insight to valuable customer activity on the website such as purchases, sign-ups, and contact form submissions.

We test our ad tracking to ensure that they are working properly and able to give us accurate information on customer action insights. Tracking for Paid Ads also allows us to calculate Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Each of our campaigns serve a goal in achieving the highest multiple on ROAS.

Prior to campaign launch, we want to ensure your campaign is differentiating from competitors and targeting the right people. Failure to be strategic with your ad copies and setups are what lead to decreased conversions and low ROAS.

When publishing a new campaign, ad copies initially may not deliver a high conversion rate. New campaigns are testing & discovery phases, where we can read the data and see the things that are working and the things that we need to remove.

Once our campaigns have been running for some time, we begin to complete detailed assessments on results. Using conversion data and Google Analytics, we can see the type of audience we are targeting, locations, device types, and conversions by keywords.

Using a combination of this data, we begin to optimize Ad campaigns and scale up winning keywords, while eliminating unsuccessful ones. Over time, our ad campaigns begin to get more efficient and deliver higher ROAS.

1/5  Keyword Research
2/5  Ad Creation
3/5  Tracking Installation & Testing
4/5  Campaign Launch
5/5  Assessment & Optimize

Platforms we specialize PPC Ads Management for

We offer PPC services on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Let's scale your campaigns properly.

We are methodically ROAS driven with our approach

Each campaign serves a goal of achieving the highest multiple of ROAS. Higher multiples of ROAS lead to higher profitability for clients. We achieve this through the combination of fine-tuning ads from data, removing negative keywords, and scaling into additional campaigns over time

How Topspark creates business growth

Other agencies provide fancy metrics to show results and data that don’t matter. At Topspark, we focus strictly on one thing → Growing Your Business.

Convert Consistently

Targeted campaigns are more likely to deliver results consistently. Paid Ads allow us to hit multiple criteria such as age, demographics, interests, and more!

Start Quickly

Easier and faster to get started with driving business traffic & conversions. While SEO takes time, paid ads allow businesses to lift off their sales quickly

Use Data Eff


The power of data and conversion tracking allows us to pin-point the ads that are performing. We A/B split test in multiple variations ranging from ad copy, bid prices, keywords, and more.