PPC is a power tool that every Dental Practice should be using

February 28, 2023
PPC is a power tool that every Dental Practice should be using

What is PPC and why is it essential for dental SEO?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a marketing tool used by websites/businesses to increase visitors to their page or website.

Each time a customer clicks your paid advertisement you pay a slight fee, hence the name ‘pay-per-click’. This is done to increase traffic to your website, an effective tool for increasing the volume of potential customers at a relatively low cost.

The most popular form of PPC is through search engines through sponsored links. This allows you to get ahead of the competition, increasing traffic and generating further business leads –especially useful for small businesses.

In particular, we will now discuss why dental clinics should use this powerful marketing tool.

Immediate Conversions

As a dental clinic, converting a visiting user on your website into a new patient is essential to increasing business.

By running PPC on Google Ads, you can target certain phrases such as “dentist near me”, “local dental clinic”, “dental practice Houston”, “dentists in Houston” (or your local area) which allow you to list your ad on the first page of search results with ease.

Ranking among the top ad searches is one way to quickly land a new patient conversion and increasing your business revenue.

Reaching the Right People at the Right Time

New Patients searching for dental clinics nearby are your targeted customers. Going after already searching customers leads to a higher chance of converting them as a new patient. This is what makes PPC so useful for dental clinics.

To improve dental SEO further, we recommend optimizing your website both in design, user-friendliness, and targeting specific keywords.

Providing these potential customers with a fantastic and user-friendly experience is essential to turn these potential customers into real customers.

The Bottom Line

Targeting new patients through PPC is a great way to immediately improve your business conversions. It allows you to get ahead of the local competition, generating more leads, and more sales!