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West Road Dental

West Road Dental was acquired by new management in 2018 that was looking to transform the business completely. They were in a contract with a previous digital marketing agency that was failing to provide consistent monthly results.

We acquired West Road Dental as a client early in 2019, and came blazing with changes in Web Design, SEO, and Pay-Per-Click ads. Throughout the months, we have been making consistent changes for the business and have increased the new patient conversion rate by over 150%! We have also been able to get popular keyword costs down tremendously. The most popular keyword search for this business “dentist near me” has gone down from $15.45/click to $8.76/click!

We delivered:

  • Brand New and Optimized Wordpress Webdesign
  • Increased New Patient Conversions
  • Lower CPC Costs in Google Ads