We help dental practices with their brand and purpose through user flow experience and design.

Here’s how we deliver exceptional UI/UX

Proper UI / UX improves the user experience and eases the steps in achieving a goal. It’s important that any project follows a simple and easy to understand foundation, which leads to the highest level of conversion.

Scope of project involves us to outline the playground in which the UX designer will work. This involves defining the problem, determining the goal, and measures of success. A clear and easy to understand scope leads to better outcomes.

Prior to any design work, it’s important to understand key information that will help us setup proper conversion goals. UX research is where we study what the end users of a product/service ultimately desire.

We research on audience characteristics, industry insights, pain points, and how we can encompass an area of focus. In the process of research, we discover design opportunities that can be incorporated towards specific goals.

Wire-framing in UI/UX is one of the crucial steps which involves visualizing the skeleton of digital applications. A wireframe is a layout of a product that demonstrates what interface elements will exist on key pages. It’s critical in the interaction and baseline of the design process.

Its important to understand that visual design should never be the core focus on a website. Many business owners get caught up on the visual appearance of the website, and fail to see that this can end up hurting business conversions.

A successful visual design follows the UX guideline, but enhances through appearance. Visual design begins the focus on the aesthetics of the website and the proper materials that will be implemented. This focuses discovery on images, colors, fonts, icons, and other elements.

Usability testing involves evaluating the product by testing it with representative users. Here is where we can ensure that participants are able to complete specified tasks successfully. We also identity how long it takes to complete a specified task.

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Once the above steps are completed, our team is ready for launch. Immediately after the launch phase, we maintain constant monitoring on the project to receive feedback, capture any errors, discovering any pain points.

This also involves A/B testing where we can test different functions on the website to see which is more intuitive for users. With A/B testing, you can capture a macro and micro overview of how effectively users are navigating.

1/6  Scope of project
2/6  UX Research
3/6  Wireframing
4/6  Visual Design
5/6  Usability Testing
6/6  Launch

A proper design process services step-by-step methodology to complete projects with intention.

  • The project should be usable, logical, and easy to follow
  • Promotes collaboration between teams
  • Reduces risk of rework
  • Identifies proper flow and purpose
  • Ensures project objectives are being met

UX and UI harmony
that unite

UI Design may be visually beautiful, but it might be messy and confusing to navigate without proper UX strategy. The reverse is also true where user flow can be good, but visually it’s not appealing.

  • Projects meet quality and consistency standards
  • Promotes collaboration between teams
  • Reduces risk of rework
  • Bounce Rate
  • Identifies proper flow and purpose
  • Ensures project objectives are being met

Visual design and some works we have done

Other agencies provide fancy metrics to show results and data that don’t matter. At Topspark, we focus strictly on one thing → Growing Your Business.